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CHAIRMAN:  Associate Professor JINDŘICH ŠRAJER, Dr.theol.

CONTACT PERSON:  Mgr. Lucie Kolářová, Dr.theol.

e-mail: info@socialninauka.cz

phone no. +420 605 332 936

The Social Issues Group of the Czech Bishops' Conference (SIG CBC):

  • is formed by Christians and people of good will, who are involved in the life of the Church and society in various roles, such as in pastoral positions, in politics, economics, education and scientific research;
  • is not linked to any political party.

Structure of the Group:

  • the Chairman is appointed by the Czech Bishops' Conference (CBC);
  • neither SIG nor its members represent the official position of the Church or the CBC;
  • SIG can represent the official position of the Church or the CBC only if the Bishops' Conference have authorised the statement;
  • CBC respects each member's freedom of research (in statements, research, articles, broadcasts, etc.);
  • SIG comprises of three specialised sections, that is of Economic, Ecological and Political-Social sections;
  • there is a specialised Guarantor in each section;
  • the Guarantor is responsible for his appointed area and coordinates his activities with the SIG Chairman;
  • the Guarantors and the Chairman make up the Executive Board.

Focus of the group:

SIG focuses on actual social issues and their solutions, with the social teaching of the Church being the Group's ideological foundation.

The Group's objectives are:

  • to contact and cooperate with specialists from selected fields, especially of the younger generation, and to cooperate with doctoral students from various Czech faculties;
  • to create a wide network of external specialists;
  • to support expert dialogue regarding the social issues within as well as outside of the Church, especially with the informed public;
  • to monitor the current state of research and academic thinking, and of published research regarding social issues;
  • to partake in education and publication activities;
  • to develop cooperation with Church organisations, movements and other institutions of the civil sector.

Group structure

  • see Members section

Composition of the Group:


  • ideological background in Christianity, outlook founded in Catholic Social Teaching;
  • the Member's own specialisation in an area covered by one of the SIG sections;
  • regular and active participation at SIG meetings and internal activities;
  • regular and active participation in specialised seminars;
  • participation in public activities organised by SIG (talks, presentations, etc.);
  • participation in other SIG activities (publications, website communication, education, etc.);
  • willingness to represent SIG in public.


  • cooperation with SIG;
  • relevant expertise;
  • preparedness to provide one's expert competency (data for statements, advisory work, etc.);
  • participation in SIG activities of interest


  • coordinates and guarantees the work of the advisory group;
  • moderates the discussion regarding selected themes;
  • proposes statements;
  • at SIG meetings, regularly presents the outcomes of the Advisory Group's work;
  • is prepared to cooperate with the media and publish content regarding selected themes;
  • is responsible for the selected theme and coordinates his activities with the Guarantor of the relevant Section and the SIG Chairman.


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