Internet Sources on Marriage


Internet Sources on Marriage

Topics:                     … as a Concept               … as a Sacrament                  Marriage Phenomenon                                              Non-marriage & Divorce               Specific Issues                             Synod 2014


NB: Some topics have sub-topics.

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This is a wide-ranging set of sources in English, sometimes covering different points of view. They are all potentially useful and the views in them are not necessarily being recommended here.

The sources vary in academic quality. Some are articles, others data, and some even simple evidence that may be of use when researching or building academic sources.

Although generally Catholic in position, some are from general sources, such as newspapers. Warning: the Telegraph only allows 10 page-views per month outside the UK to non-subscribers.

The sections are not precise. Some links could be placed in more than one section; equally, certain themes can be found spread over several sections (e.g., a study of divorced/remarried Catholics receiving Communion can use sources in Synod 2014, … as a Concept, a Sacrament, Non-married and Divorce and Specific Issues). Therefore, the sections are to be used as a guide only.

The format is usually <content title>, <website name>.

Some link names are questions without a '?' due to file-naming issues.

Occasionally, an article appears twice from a different source – sometimes this duplication is due to useful comments below the article.

... as a Concept (definitions and exploration as a concept)

Can Married Couples Have Too Much Sex - Crisis Magazine

Do we need to set aside the Word “Marriage” and use “Holy Matrimony” exclusively « Archdiocese of Washington

Human rights court Europe cannot be forced to redefine marriage Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Is there a Rational Legal Basis for Traditional Marriage - Crisis Magazine

Marriage as a Vocation - IgnitumToday IgnitumToday

Marriage Wars « Whosoever Desires

Marriage, Sanctuary of Life - Aleteia

Men can be 'wives' and women 'husbands' as Government overrules the dictionary Telegraph

Much info - Marriage Help at Home

My Husband Isn’t My Girlfriend The Catholic Wife

Pope Francis on Marriage and things Jesus does not like Fr. Z's Blog

Redefining Marriage, Part 1 Who’s to Blame Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 2 The Root of the Problem Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 3 Consequences Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 4 What IS Marriage Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 5 The “No” of Marriage Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 6 The “Yes” of Marriage Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 7 The Irrelevance of Marriage Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 8 The (Semi-)Relevance of Marriage Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 9 Stigma and Hate Blogs

Redefining Marriage, Part 10 Defending Marriage Blogs

Required Reading “What is Marriage”

Sex Our Greatest Natural Resource - Crisis Magazine

The covenant of marriage - Denver Catholic Register

The Purpose of Sex in Marriage - Crisis Magazine

The Spiritual Stakes in the Marriage Debate - Crisis Magazine

This week Pope Francis emphasises five times that marriage is the union of man and woman « Protect the Pope

W May - Reframing the Marriage Issue Reveals Reality - Aleteia

What Every Wedding Needs Matthew Schmitz First Things

Why Humans are Not Garden Snails - Crisis Magazine

Why the Church cannot walk away from ‘marriage’ In the Light of the Law

Why the Word Matrimony, Not Marriage, is Better Taylor Marshall

Why Would God Expect People to be Married to the Same Person for Life - Aleteia

... as a Sacrament (how the Church regards Marriage as a Sacrament)

Church statements & teachings

An interesting no-comment comment from the HSPO (re Pope's telephone call) In the Light of the Law

An orientation to the question of canonical form for marriage In the Light of the Law

Are 50% of Marriages Invalid - Catholic Culture

Confusing validity and sacramentality in marriage In the Light of the Law

Doubts increase over Pope's alleged phone call on divorce Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Even if the pope said it, it was reckless to repeat it In the Light of the Law

Is an Annulment a Catholic Divorce - Dead Philosophers Society

Italian court's question does sex-change operation annul marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Lest so many words complicate a simple question In the Light of the Law


Marrying non-Catholics Fr. Z's Blog

More on Wedding Attendance... Catholic Answers

No Catholic Divorce Grounds and Obstacles to Annulments Daily News

On the indissolubility of marriage and the debate concerning the civilly remarried and the sacraments, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, 23 October 2013

Pope Francis Desires to Draw Remarried People to Christ Daily News

Precepts of the Church (see no. 6)

Reception of Holy Communion by divorced and remarried, Card. Joseph Ratzinger, 1998

Should I Attend the Wedding or Not Catholic Answers

The difference between divorce and annulment - Catholic Culture

The New Theological Movement Can I get married after having a vasectomy (The vasectomy question, Part II)

The Pastoral Approach to Marriage Should Be Founded on Truth - Catholic Culture

General articles

Catholic Courtesy Who Greets Whom and Holy Matrimony Taylor Marshall

Christmas Engagement 10 Wedding Tips to Get You Started Truth & Charity The Intersection of Faith & Life

Communion for the Remarried Yes, of Desire

Divorce and Remarriage by Robert Spaemann Articles First Things

How Will the Catholic Faith Change Your Marriage Taylor Marshall

Marriage Let’s Get Our Own House in Order - Aleteia

Marriage problem, bad confession experience train wreck Fr. Z's Blog

No Communion for Outlaws. But the Pope Is Studying Two Exceptions

Orthodox “solution” for Communion for DivorcedRemarried is no solution Fr. Z's Blog

Reform of the annulment process should not mean dumping it, let alone abandoning Christ’s teaching on marriage In the Light of the Law

Salvation for divorced and remarried Fr. Z's Blog

St. James Catholic Church Wedding Resources

St. John Fisher, Marriage, and Moral Absolutes - Catholic Culture

The Myth and Reality of Second Marriages among the Orthodox & Eucharist Mass relationship

The Power of Grace - Catholic Culture

The True Dimension of God's Mercy - Catholic Culture

Walking the Tightrope of Marriage Discipline

Wedding Readings - Catholic Answers Forums

Weddings Some Practical Advice - The Very Beginning, Part 1

What Does Christian Marriage Guarantee Stacy Trasancos

Marriage phenomenon (Marriage and its socio... effects)

33,000 Years of Marriage In This Place – A Few Pointers From Catholics Married for Long Years « Archdiocese of Washington

Marriage during the Middle Ages

Marriage Won’t End Poverty. But It Will Help (A Lot).

ZENIT - Pope Europe Won't Be Europe Without Marriage

‘For the anthropologist, the widespread failure to marry is a sign of cultural collapse’

Non-married & Divorce (regarding those outside of regular Marriage)

50 per cent of people wish they had never ended their marriage Mail Online

Babies Now, Marriage Later A Failed Strategy for the Poor - Aleteia

Bp. Galatino Couples in irregular matrimonial situations... Fr. Z's BlogFr. Z's Blog

Cohabitation Should We Live Together - Aleteia

D & R...But Should They Live Together - Crisis Magazine

Divorce, remarriage, Communion, and the sense of the faithful - Catholic Culture

Divorced and Remarried are Called to Heroism... - Crisis Magazine

Divorced and Remarried are Called to Heroism... - some remarks In the Light of the Law

How to Help Cohabiting Couples – Homiletic & Pastoral Review

IDS It¿s just wrong to say living together is the equal of marriage Mail Online

Is joint custody (NOT) an option Czechmatediary

It is time for the Church to face up to the crisis of spousal abandonment Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Italian bishop apologizes for priest's statement that cohabitation is worse than murder News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Kids Divorce Stories Fr. Z's Blog

Needed speed-bumps on the road to divorce - Catholic Culture

Remedying the Divorce Culture Crisis Magazine

The New York Times is No Friend of Marriage - Crisis Magazine

The real reason why divorcedremarried German Catholics are leaving the Church - Catholic Culture

Unmarried parents are 6 times more likely to split by the time child is 5 Mail Online

What Jesus Said About Divorce - Crisis Magazine

What You Do Before You Say 'I Do' Matters For Marriage Happiness

“Not only divorced from marriage, divorced from reality.” An essay on the ugliness of divorce « Archdiocese of Washington

Specific issues (regarding issues/debates/controversies/problems)



Archbishop Nichols reminds Marriage Care to follow Church teaching

Archbishop Nichols responds to critics of his civil unions approach Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Are Catholic Marriages Disappearing IgnitumToday

Bishop Paprocki Faces Hostile Jesuit Alumni Group at Talk

Bishops’ briefing on same-sex marriage Bill full text

Cardinal ‘shocked’ by survey responses on family life

Catholics, Awake! Marriage Doesn’t Just Happen! Crisis Magazine

CCHD cuts support for Oregon group over stand on same-sex marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture


English bishops’ conference weighs in on same-sex civil unions News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Following same-sex ceremony, Michigan man barred from parish ministries News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Gay multi-millionaire activist funds Catholics United Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Illinois judge, former head of US bishops' review board, presides at same-sex weddings News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Is There Growing Confusion over Church Teaching - Crisis Magazine

Japanese bishops report laity indifferent toward Church teaching on marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

MSM attacks Archbishop Vigneron with the help of liberal Catholic collaborators Fr. Z's Blog (olim What Does The Prayer Really Say)

Nancy Pelosi scolds Archbishop Cordileone for participation in pro-marriage event News Headlines - Catholic Culture

New Scottish bishop could see going to jail over 'gay marriage' Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Preparing for Marriage A Bride’s Checklist of Questions and Answers Crisis Magazine

The Atlantic What happened to all those Catholic rites

The hermeneutic of continuity Italian parish priest deemed crazy for dissenting from the new orthodoxy on communion for the divorced and remarried

The popular pontificate of Pope Francis two views Fr. Z's BlogFr. Z's Blog

General Christianity

Another first for Episcopalians - Catholic Culture

Bonfire of the Vanities 'Gay marriage' is church suicide

Canadian Crackdown - Michael Coren - National Review Online

Christian Are ‘Evil’ For Backing Marriage, Says Tesco R&D Boss « Persecution News

Gay Danish couples win right to marry in church - Telegraph

How To Shrink Your Church In One Easy Step

Is Virginity at Marriage a Mistake IgnitumToday

New challenge to CofE as US Anglicans approve gay 'marriage' service - Telegraph

Nick Clegg backs gay marriage in churches – in break with David Cameron pledge - Telegraph

On the Sexual Attitudes of Christian Same-Sex Marriage Supporters - Crisis Magazine

Presbyterian Church approves same-sex marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

The World Can’t Hear Us on Marriage First Things

You Know How They Say The Divorce Rate In The Church Is 50% Prepare To Be Shocked...

Defending Marriage

A primer on Church teaching regarding ‘same-sex marriage’ In the Light of the Law

Aggie Catholics The Catholic Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

Archbishop Cordileone responds to critics on March for Marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Building a Civilization of Truth and Love - Crisis Magazine

Cordileone and Santorum Find New Ways to Defend Marriage - Aleteia

Defending Marriage by Defining Marriage

East African bishops decry threats to family, ‘strongly condemn’ same-sex unions News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Getting the Marriage Conversation Right Catholic Stand

How I Evolved on Gay Marriage by Matthew Schmitz Articles First Things

I was raised by lesbians, and I oppose gay marriage

I'm Gay, but I'm Not Switching to a Church That Supports Gay Marriage - Eve Tushnet - The Atlantic

Is there a Rational Legal Basis for Traditional Marriage - Crisis Magazine

Library Bishop Morlino's Statement Regarding Ruling on Marriage - Catholic Culture

Marriage Debate Far From Over - Crisis Magazine

N. T. Wright on Gay Marriage Matthew Schmitz First Things

New Advent Video An atheist and a Catholic debate same-sex marriage...

Not all children raised by gay parents support gay marriage I should know, I’m one of them

Peru’s bishops call for ‘new battle’ against threats to life, family News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Pope Francis praises Knights of Columbus for defending marriage, religious liberty News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Pope Repeats that Same-Sex 'Marriage' is Anthropological Regression Blogs

Rebuttals to arguments for same-sex marriage

Reframing the Marriage Issue Reveals Reality - Aleteia

Stop the Premature Talk of Surrender on Same-Sex Marriage - Aleteia

Surrendering the Marriage Fight Crisis Magazine

The #1 Reason the Catholic Church Won’t Support Same-Sex Marriage…

The Church on Marriage and Family Joining Battle - Catholic Culture

The Social Liability

Truth about marriage will prevail, Archbishop Cordileone assures DC rally News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Unitive and Procreative What is Marriage Part II - Truth and Charity Forum

What’s Natural Law got to Do With It Chris Stephanick, Assembly Speaker Catholic Youth Blog

Exploring the rational

4 Ways The Gay Marriage Debate Has Been Rigged

An atheist identifies the central problem with the gay marriage agenda Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views

Are You a Hater or a Bigot Or Are You Just Intolerant Blogs

Attention gay rights lobby your feelings aren't constitutionally protected - The Matt Walsh Blog

Creative Minority Report Little Girl Stumps Legislature By Asking, Which Parent Do I Not Need

Family Research Council - legal connection between ssm & polygamy

France's most senior Catholic cleric says same-sex marriage will lead to incest - Telegraph

If Marriage Discriminates Against Gays, It Already Discriminates Against Catholics - Aleteia

Marrying Your Porn-laden Computer - Crisis Magazine

MercatorNet Do infertile couples clinch the case for same-sex marriage

MercatorNet If two lesbians, why not two sisters

Mommy, I Hate Myself Why Libertarian Arguments Against Marriage Fail - Aleteia

My Five Wives The Push to Normalize, and then Legalize, Polygamy is On

Pediatricians Group Accused of Ignoring Data in Endorsing ‘Gay Marriage’ Daily News

Ryan Anderson Responds to the Redefinition of Marriage - OnePeterFive

Same-sex marriage is the logical conclusion to decades of divorce and infidelity

The Christian case for gay marriage The Smackdown

The evidence that blows apart Mr Cameron's claim that gay marriage will strengthen families Mail Online

The Latest Sham Science on Gay Parenting Crisis Magazine

The phony inevitability of same-sex marriage Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views

What homosexual “marriage” advocates are really after Fr. Z's Blog (olim What Does The Prayer Really Say)

When “Myths” are Truths » First Thoughts A First Things Blog

‘Dating Naked’ and ‘Married at First Sight’ — We Have No Idea What We’re Doing

General problems

Five Ways Gay Marriage Affects You Personally–Even If You’re Not Gay or Married

Gay Marriage—Nothing New Under the Sun Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views

In sickness and in health? That’s too religious for a civil wedding Telegraph

Marginalizing Catholic Teaching One Grant at a Time - Crisis Magazine

MercatorNet Same-sex marriage ten years on lessons from Canada

Queering the Marriage Debate - Aleteia

Salvo Magazine Cohabitation Marriage Lite or the New Concubinage - Salvo 15

Society-- not just marriage-- facing crisis, Italian cardinal argues News Headlines - Catholic Culture

The 500 Year Old Attack on Holy Matrimony... Taylor Marshall

The Brave New World of Same-Sex Marriage

The Great Unweaving - Crisis Magazine

The Marketing of Gay Marriage - Crisis Magazine

The one group ignored in the marriage debate – children

The Rise Of The Same-Sex Marriage Dissidents

The Struggle Over Marriage

Three people enter into civil union in Brazil - Telegraph

Two Classes in America, Divided by ‘I Do’ -


$13,000 fine for NY farm owners who said no to lesbian wedding News Headlines - Catholic Culture

British Parliament Redefines Marriage

Census Bureau will recognize same-sex 'families' News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Colorado Christian guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake cake for same-sex wedding News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons

European court no 'human right' to same-sex marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Federal court decision decriminalizes polygamy in Utah News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Federal court upholds Louisiana marriage amendment News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Federal Judge Overturns Utah Polygamy Ban - Aleteia

Gay marriage to be legalised in Scotland despite two thirds of people opposing change - Telegraph

Human rights court Europe cannot be forced to redefine marriage Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Marriage and the Supremes What to Read

Marriage Takes a Beating - Crisis Magazine

Prelates rue recent court decisions on marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Religious Liberty Refused Service in Arizona - Aleteia

Sentiment Trumps Reason as Judges Impose Gay “Marriage” - Crisis Magazine

Slovakia Becomes Seventh EU Nation to Protect Marriage - Aleteia

St. Joseph’s Medical Center Sued Over Benefits by Same-Sex Couple -

US District Judge strikes down WI constitution’s marriage amendment. Bp. Morlino responds. Fr. Z's Blog

Woman in same-sex marriage sues Missouri diocese following dismissal from parish position News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Worcester diocese asks court to dismiss discrimination complaint brought by gay couple News Headlines - Catholic Culture

“Same-Sex” Marriage Legislation What’s at Stake Crisis Magazine

Synod 2014 (relating to preparations for the first synod)

Cardinal Kasper

A Rival Good to God’s On Cardinal Kasper's Divorce Proposal - Crisis Magazine

Card. Müller’s book-length interview refutes Communion for divorced and civilly remarried Fr. Z's Blog

Cardinal Kasper and the Church Fathers Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views

Cardinal Kasper's public support for dissent undermines his own proposal - Catholic Culture

Fr. Murray on Card. Kasper’s proposals Fr. Z's Blog

Kasper versus Kasper - Crisis Magazine

On Doctrinal Questions, Francis Favors Cardinal Müller over Cardinal Kasper - Crisis Magazine

Surprise The Kasper book doesn't really argue for the Kasper proposal! - Catholic Culture

The practical dangers of the Kasper proposal - Catholic Culture

What Cardinal Kasper Really Said About Divorce - Crisis Magazine

Why Cardinal Kasper’s Proposal Is So Dangerous - Aleteia


A Summer Symposium on the October Synod for the Family!

ACTION ITEM! Book from 5 Cardinals in defense of marriage and tradition Fr. Z's Blog

Aim of Family Synods Harmonize Doctrine and Pastoral Care - Crisis Magazine

An Appointment that Francis Should Withdraw - Catholic Culture

Archbishop Müller affirms Catholic marriage, urges care for divorced Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Archbishop Müller Affirms Indissolubility of Catholic Marriage Daily News

Cardinal Müller, in new book, renews argument against change in Church teaching on marriage News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Divorce and Remarriage A Theological Assessment Dominican Friars

Dominican theologians assess proposals for divorced and remarried - Catholic Culture

IMPORTANT THREE major Catholic media sources publish SAME response to Card. Kasper! Fr. Z's Blog

Is a call to 'update' Church teaching a call for doctrinal change Nope. - Catholic Culture

It's 1968 All Over Again - Aleteia

Italian bishop wants no 'taboo' on talk of homosexuality, Communion for divorced, married priests News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Italian bishops' leader says Church should welcome 'unconventional couples' to sacraments News Headlines - Catholic Culture

LGBT foundation aims to counter Vatican family synod Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Meltdown Countdown Fishwrap on the Synod Fr. Z's Blog

Müller corrects Marx on the issue of Communion for divorcedremarried Fr. Z's Blog

Pope Francis on the airplane The Synod, the family, Communion for the divorced and remarried Fr. Z's Blog

Pope says 3 bishops under investigation, sees overemphasis on question of Communion for the remarried News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Some-good-common-sense-on-marriage-sexuality-and-family AdW

Synod Instrumentum Laboris at Whispers in the Loggia

Synod not just about divorceremarried, Vatican cardinal says News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Synod secretary don't expect change in Church teachings News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Synod Secretary General Wants Change in Church's Teaching on Marriage Blogs

The Church Cannot Change Her Doctrine on Marriage and Divorce. Concerns for the Upcoming Synod « Archdiocese of Washington

The Vatican Synod on the Family Will Confront a Hostile Culture - Aleteia

Vatican issues working document for Synod of Bishops on the family News Headlines - Catholic Culture

Wm. Oddie on the upcoming Synod no change in doctrine Fr. Z's Blog

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